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Jan 29, 2023

A Message From the Editor

Today is the launch of our new PropertyCasualty360 logo. While you might not necessarily assume logo changes matter to your work, our goal with this branding update is to communicate important value for you as a reader and as a professional in your industry. PropertyCasualty360 is part of ALM, a global information, data, intelligence and content company with reporters and editors all over the world. In addition to the industry-leading insurance coverage you have come to expect from PC360, the ALM network of writers follows the biggest news events across a range of professional markets, including legal, commercial real estate and investment advisory. We work hard to identify trends earlier than anyone else and to bring an analytical lens to our coverage that helps you do your job better. We invite you to check out our sister brands, including, GlobeSt and ThinkAdvisor — and, as always, to reach out at any time with questions or feedback.

– Steve Hallo, managing editor


Intelligent platform options take communication to a new level

By Andy Yohn

Insurers have multiple tools to help them actively engage with policyholders, agents, vendors and claims teams. Read More


More than 70% of car buyers interested in embedded offerings

By Brittney Meredith-Miller

A study from Polly showed 72% of recent car buyers would like the opportunity to get insurance at the dealership. Read More


What Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Gained while Incorporating NPS

Some might be skeptical that a stalwart mutual insurer could innovate after years, but that’s exactly what one company did when it integrated Net Promoter Score into its customer interactions. Find out how NPS can improve your company's accountability to its customers and what lessons you can learn while adopting the metric. Read More


U.S. accounted for 75% of global insured losses in 2022, Aon reports

By PC360 Staff Writer

Hurricane Ian, the second costliest insured event on record, accounted for 40% of 2022's global insured losses. Read More

Career Moves

People on the move in the P&C insurance industry: January 27, 2023

By PC360 Staff Writer

The latest insurance industry personnel news from NFP, Everest Insurance, Beazley and more. Read More


Climate is forcing the most risk-aware industry to reinvent itself

By Akshat Rathi

The annual profit margins of insurance companies are getting squeezed, even as premiums are going up for most lines. Read More

Market Insights

Sorting through & solving renters insurance loopholes

By Paul Bergeron

Renters sometimes cancel a policy after moving in or forget to renew, resulting in coverage gaps. Read More


Study: Social inflation causes up to 11% of medical malpractice losses

By PC360 Staff

The Doctors Company determined that social inflation is a key driver of higher medical malpractice insurance rates. Read More


Why I chose insurance: A LinkedIn chat focused on P&C careers

By PC360 Staff Writer

Representatives from CSAA, MacAndrews & Forbes and PURE Insurance will discuss insurance careers and other industry... Read More

Save the Date

Introducing A New Conference Experience For All Participants Within The Claims Ecosystem!

Complex Claims & Litigation Forum - February 27th - March 1, 2023 | Join Us For A New Conference Experience Aimed To Help Insurers Prevent, Prepare and Prevail In Adjudicating Complex Claims, Negotiating Settlements and Winning Cases If A Claim Has To Go To Court. Learn More


The Master Guide to Grow Your Insurance Agency in the Digital Age

Sponsored by: Agentero

Modern-day insurance agencies reflect the need for renowned digital strategies in order to sustain long-term growth. Download this in-depth guide to learn tips and tactics to grow your insurance business by improving acquisition, conversion, retention and revenue: Learn More

WEBCAST DATE: February 7, 2023

Future Of Insurtech: The Latest Tools to Empower Efficiency

Join this complimentary webcast to learn how investments in tools and processes can yield a better producer experience, reduce costs, and scale distribution channels, while keeping up with changing regulations. Learn More


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