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Feb 18, 2019

A Message From the Editor

In honor of Insurance Careers Month, we've gathered some of our best stories on what insurance professionals really do and why an insurance career is a good one. If you enjoy math and analytics, look at our story on why you should consider being an actuary. You don't have to be a new college graduate to think about insurance as a profession; it's good option at any stage of your career.

– Rosalie Donlon, Editor in Chief

10 reasons why an insurance career is great for millennials

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Insurance careers: What do insurance professionals really do?

When you’re recruiting for insurance industry jobs, you can use this overview to explain what insurance professionals... Read More

The risks and rewards of choosing insurance claims as a career

Working in claims can be a rewarding field for the right person. Read More

4 best practices to make insurance appealing as a career

What can independent agents do to increase the appeal of insurance as a career? Read More

5 reasons to be an actuary as a career

Most people think of actuaries as boring mathematicians. But the career in P&C insurance is so much more! Read More

6 ways to tackle the insurance industry talent gap

How insurance professionals can engage the next generation workforce. Read More

8 strategies insurance agency owners can use to attract new talent

It's up to you, the agency owner, to attract the next wave of P&C insurance agents. Read More

Let's work together to attract fresh talent to insurance careers

The need for new expertise, simply from a human capital perspective, is daunting for insurance. Read More


Top Strategies for Reining in Workers' Compensation Claims Costs

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